The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


It begins!

For many years I have been debating about creating a blog for many reasons. I was interested in the concept because as I journey through this world, things seem to interest me, confuse me and some topics I just want to discuss or shine a light on.

Recently a life changing event happened whereby one day I woke up and due to this experience, I began to see the world different! I’m not sure if it was my grief or my new found appreciation for life but, I began to have little patience for what I call “the bullshit of life.”

The egos, the pretence, the lack of respect for others, the hate, the fear, the excuses and worst; the justification for the excuses! I wanted to scream out, “Is this what life has become, the god forsaken ‘normal’ which has now become accepted?”

Some of us see through it and are quickly labelled “sensitive,” “over-thinkers,” “naive” and like some strange animal… “artists!” As if we do not see the world for the reality that it is, instead we apparently see it through ‘rose-coloured glasses.’

What confused me was that, I believe that it is them that see things strangely, wanting so badly to believe in the falseness that they have created for themselves. Justifying their choices, explaining why they do not go after the very thing that sparks their souls. Why instead, they succumb to the comatose state of going into a job everyday that they do not enjoy and that brings no light into their soul. The only benefit is the pay cheque they receive at the end of the month so they can go and enjoy their life for the one week holiday they will be booking in a month’s time!

Why have so many chosen this life? I know some may say that they have no choice. But, we always have a choice! They are not always easy! Yes, we must eat. Yes, we need a roof over our heads, we must look after our family but, do we need the next Apple product? The next designer label clothing? The new bigger TV?

If it is a choice between that and perusing a dream that can one day be your full time job, maybe after some time of grafting, hard work and sacrifice, you may find something that makes you feel fulfilled, passionate and dare I say excited… then I must admit, I do not understand the choices being made!

Please enlighten me!

I hope that I am someone who follows the thing that sets my spirit flying, where I fight to be who I am, to love who I am… rough edges and all! Wanting to learn, wanting to grow, wanting to help and be of service and I will write about my journey and experiences in doing this! It is not an easy journey but, it is fulfilling! And maybe I will also receive some help along the way.

I have yet to decide what form this blog will take! I am at the stage where i am enjoying the freedom and liberation of seeing what may take my interest. But I do know that when I created it, it’s main purpose was so I can discuss… and I am! Open to discussions, especially if your views are different from mine.

Together we may be able to make a difference; to ourselves and to others.

Be kind to yourself and to others.





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